I recorded a live interview and set in Sacto CA on Aug 14th and decided to share it in the first hour of the show. The rest of the show consists of punk rock greatness mixes. Cheers!  

Kick ass punk rock mix. Cheers!.  

This episode is just a mix of cool punk rock. Cheers!.  

Hanging out in my room with my son just listening to rad punk rock and sharing it with the world. Cheers! 

I interviewed my friend Dylan Wade for this episode. Dylan is one of the coolest and nicest guys I have met playing music and it was so fun talking to him. I could have talked for 2 more hours. Enjoy this interview as we talk about his music career and how we crossed paths.Cheers! 

Chilling playing some sweet punk rock and roll this fine Saturday night. Nothing special except awesome tunes. Cheers! 

Let’s just hang out and listen to some good punk rock man. New stuff mixed with some old. Cheers! 

Just some plain old bad ass punk rock songs. ENJOY! 

Lots of new tunes for you all. I am glad to be doing this show every single week. Cheers!

I got to talk to Deke Dickerson. What an amazing career and story Deke has. I could have talked to him all day about stuff. What great stories Deke has…. still on a high from this interview. Deke has worked with so many people and has done so many projects that it’s very inspiring to me personally. Go check out Deke at dekedickerson.com and support the arts if you can. Cheers!

This show is all about positive punk. Enough of the world’s problems, let’s rise up and get in a good mood. PMA ALL DAY!

In this episode I got to talk to Isaac from Happy Campers. I loved talking to him. What a cool band and career. Happy Campers has always been a nostalgic band for me. There were alot of good times involved with them.

A few new tracks tonight and the same ol bad ass punk rock I bring you every week. Cheers.

All Vinyl all night long. Tons of vinyl records from my collection.

First episode of 2021 and it is just me playing some of my favorite punk rock songs over the years.

I picked my best of 2020 songs in this episode. I need more than 2 hours though. Oh well. So much good music this year. Cheers!

2020 XMAS spectacular is here. Grab some Hot Coco and your favorite cookie and crank it up!

UNDER THE INFLUENCES. This episode is all about cover songs from bands that I have not played yet. Ok, there might be a few. Cheers!

This episode is all about Nevada bands. Nevada has so much talent and kick-ass bands I prob should have done a 2 parter. Enjoy music from 7 seconds, Engine Fire, Elephant Rifle just to name a few. Cheers!

I’m so SCARED!!!!!!!! It’s Halloween and we are playing some sweet tunes to get you through the night.

The year is 2000. I am kicking ass at Tony Hawk Pro Skater and listening to punk rock. Join me.

In this episode, we explore Acoustic Punk Rock. I found bands from Alkaline trio to The Copyrights. Enjoy!

Enjoy a show full of punk rock radness. A mix of a bit of everything. Cheers!

David and I bring you Part 2 of garage punk rock. We dive into vinyl I own and I try and introduce David to new garage rock bands. Cheer!

In this episode I get to hang out with a friend David Evans. We play nothing but Garage punk all on vinyl. I had a blast listening to what David bright and took mental notes on what bands I need to check out more.

This episode is all about Ramonescore. Ramonescore is exactly what it sounds like bands that play like the Ramones. SO good man so good.

Another random punk rock show. New Chaser is at the beginning. Check it out!

Just mixing it up with some sweet punk rock. Cheers!

This episode is all about punks who are no longer with us. RIP PUNKS!

In this episode, I play punk bands from A-Z. Lets so how many bands you know.

Punk Rock Number Bands! This show is all about bands that have numbers in their names. This was a fun one.

like food, food tastes good! Songs about food.

The history of Ska. It’s all here. From traditional Ska to skate punk-ska.
One of my favorite genres of music.

In this episode, we celebrate Political Punk, Afro Punk and protest songs.

Happy Lagwagon day MAY 16th. I play a buncha new stuff in this episode and alot of LAGWAGON. Cheers!

In this episode, I talk to my buddy Jasson Drastic. I have been friends with Jasson for years and have played countless shows with him. Jasson has been in the Sacramento punk scene for a long time and it was awesome talking to a friend during the lockdown.

Random punk rock tunes for your day. Check it out!

In this episode, I talk to my longtime buddy Bill Hockmuth from CHASER. Bill has been in several bands and we have known each other for years. It was good to catch up and talk about his current band CHASER.

Some new tracks some old tracks and everything in between.

I start this episode with some VEGAS THREAT a Minor Threat cover band I was in Las Vegas. Lots of the punk rock but you should know that by now.

Quarantined episode 3. Lots of new stuff in this episode. I dug deep to bring some new stuff to you guys. Cheers!

Quarantined episode 2. Hour number 2 is vinyl only. I pulled out a ton of records and my digital record player just for this stuck home episode. I miss the studio but this still works for me.

Quarantined episode 1. In this episode, I just play some sweet punk rock to soothe our souls in this weird time.

In this episode, I play a bunch of new punk rock. I also play some live Evengound from a cassette I found as well. RAD DUDE!!!!

I just play a mix of rad punk rock. Some foreign punk some American punk and that’s about it. Good stuff.

In this show, I play nothing but women in Punk Rock. I tend to play more men than women and I forget how awesome woman are in the music industry.

I got to interview a RAMONE! Wow, this was so cool. I talked to Richie Ramone about his time in the Ramones, his solo career and a buncha other stuff. Thanks for listening. This was a big one for me. You can tell in my interview skills. Little nervous HA!

Jen Scaffidi joins me again on this episode. We tried something new and mic’d up her amp and gave her a mic. It was great hanging out shooting the sh*t with a homie.

Let’s hang out and listen to some awesome punk rock music. Generation X, Frank Black, The Generators and more.


Tons of vinyl in this episode. I play some 22 jacks, wax, Iggy Pop and more more more vinyl. Actually not enough vinyl.


Let’s enjoy tons of sweet tunes bro.


The first show of 2020. STOKED cause I just saw Pulley and Lagwagon. Get pumped bro!


In the last Just Punk Enough episode of 2019 I got to hang out with my brother Christian and friend Josh and talk about how we moved into Greystone together in 1997. We play some punk songs and some not so punk songs and talk about the good times we had. I had a blast with these dudes. Enjoy.


This episode is all about the best music of 2019. I chose everything I thought was the best unknown’s rock this year and I gotta say IT RULED! What an awesome year for punk rock. Enjoy.


IT’S HERE! The annual JPE XMAS SPECIAL. There are so many cool holiday songs out there and I play a ton of them. We have some Goldfinger, MXPX, Toasters and more. Enjoy this xmas special around a nice fire and a warm cup of hot cocoa.


My guest Josh and I lived in the same punk house called Greystone years and years ago. I have started getting him back into punk lately and we share some of his picks for rad punk rock songs. I had a blast hanging out with Josh.


The weather is warm and the tunes are rad. I’m wearing shorts but you can’t see me. Punk Rock rules tonight.


A lot of new stuff and other punk in between I finish this episode with some ska. Enjoy.


I got to interview Scott Radinsky of PULLEY and TEN FOOT POLE. Pulley has been one of my favorite punk bands of all time. This was huge for me. We talk about forming PULLEY and his baseball career. I can’t believe he let me talk to him!


Just Punk Enough’s Halloween extravaganza 2019. I tried to play different music than last years halloween special. Enjoy this spooky scary show.


In this episode I hang out with my kids while I play some sweet punk rock. Dylan tells everyone he loves Teenage Bottlerocket and Zoey ends up falling asleep. Good times.


I got to interview Joe Queer from The Queers. The Queers have always been an influence on me and this was an amazing opportunity to interview this legend. He did not fail me. I love talking to this guy.


Tons of vinyl this episode. It needs to be heard and playing vinyl on the air is just cool.


Punk rocks finest 2 hours on the air. Check it out.


THIS IS HUGE! I talked to Chris Reece of Social Distortion. Chris played drums on the 3 best Social D albums in my opinion. He played on Somewhere Between Seven and Hell which is in my top 10 of all time albums. I was so stoked to speak to him. Enjoy!


In this episode I play a lot of new tunes and just plain out have some fun while I rock out to some Punk Rock.


I got to interview Dan Precision of 88 Fingers Louie. This ruled. Dan is one of the nicest dudes in Punk Rock. He formed 88 Fingers and Rise Against and I always thought he stayed at my house in Reno in 98 but it was his bandmates. DAMNIT! What an awesome conversation.


I got bored in the studio and decided to lay some CD’s. Yes CD’s. I still have a ton of cd’s and it was fun digging through them and playing some tasty licks.


Bud joins me for this episode. Bud and I are essentially brothers and I have gotten him into punk rock since I have known him, but he got into it later in life. It’s awesome to see him get excited about bands I was into awhile ago. Great time hanging with Bud on this episode.


In this episode I interview Eddie Shaw from The Monks. This was absolutely amazing. Eddie let me talk to him and his story is truly awesome. The Monks are considered one of the first punk bands ever. This is one of my best interviews yet. Enjoy!


Tons of vinyl in this ripper of an episode!


On this episode Hal from Year of the Fist and Cut-Rate Druggist joins me to talk beer and punk rock. I didn’t know this dude at all and we became friends after this conversation. It ruled!


Just a great night of punk rock and I talk to my buddy Casey from the Lucky Eejits on the phone for a mini interview.


Just a punk rock show tonight.


My brother joins me yet again on this episode. We play bands that he has seen live and it’s pretty impressive.


Vincent Barberio joins me in the studio. I didn’t hang out much with Vinny back in the day but we ran around with the same people. We have become friends later in life and Vinny shares his love for punk with me.


Punk Rock Bowling 2019 episode. I play all bands that are playing this year. I didn’t get to go blah!


The summer of 1998 was the best summer of my life. That summer was when punk rock really changed my life and I have never looked back. This episode is all 1998 punk rock. Enjoy!


In this episode I hang out with Marc. He talks about growing up with punk and plays som cool bands I’ve never heard of.


Maurice Harold joins me in the studio. We talk about his band Drag Me Under, his business Pitch Black Printing and growing up on Punk Rock and Metal.


Clinton Neuerburg joins me on this episode. We talk about Clintons bands and his record label humaniterrorist record collective. We also play some records from his record label. I didn’t know Clinton until this night but feel like i made a decent friend.


My brother Christian joins me again. We play songs that we both share and brought us closer together. Not all of these songs are punk rock but they are definitely Just Punk Enough.


On this episode Jen Scaffidi joins me. We talk old punk days and about her band Blunderbusst’s new album. Jen also plays a few acoustic songs for me. It’s always fun hanging out with Jen.


In this episode I talk to Dan Panic of Screeching Weasel fame. This was huge for me. I had such a rad conversation with Dan and appreciate him even taking the time to let me talk to him. This interview rules!


HANGING WITH THE HOMIES TONIGHT! My friends showed up and hung out with me while I played some songs. It ruled!


Jason Smith joins me in the studio. He brought some sweet bands I have never heard of and some rare vinyl. Rare to me anyway. We had a blast hanging out!


This episode is all about movie soundtracks. There were a ton of soundtracks that I owned that introduced me to punk rock and there were a ton that I didn’t even know about. Enjoy!


Chris Holloway from Engine Fire and Evenground visits the studio. We talk about old punk rock days his new band and he even plays me some songs on his acoustic. I had a blast with this guy.


Kris Kaufman takes control tonight as the Harrison family had a little emergency. Thanks dude! Kris plays some punk some Hip Hop among others with his 3 hours to prepare.


This episode I just wing it. Somehow my scheduled show did not load up properly and I just decide to play random punk rock. Still a good one for sure.


This episode is all about 1977 punk rock. 1977 is the year that Punk Rock exploded. This was fun to revisit tons of bands I love and some I had no idea about.


My good buddy Kris Kaufman fills in on this show while I take care of god knows what.


In this episode I talk to Scott Hallquist of Ten Foot Pole and DC Fallout. Pretty cool man pretty cool.


Just a mix of Punk Rock on this episode.


I pick my favorite songs and albums of 2018. Enjoy this opinionated episode.


This episode is all about side bands. Every rad punk band has another member who has done something else rad. Take Rancid and The Transplants or Pulley and The Implants. Tons of rad sidebands right now!


Just Punk Enough Christmas Spectacular. Tis the season to listen to punk rock XMAS songs.


In this episode my good friend Kris Kaufman joins me. I love hanging with this guy and his taste in music is a little different so that is always good. Expands my knowledge of music. Enjoy!.


Just some good on punk rock tonight.


My brother Christian Harrison joined me on this episode. We played songs that Christian thought were punk rock. In the second our I play songs I think he needs to hear.


Will Houk from Roots, Rednecks and Radicals takes over the show and plays all his favorite punk rock songs. I love hanging out with this dude.


A mix of punk rock new and old. Donkey Jaw starts of the set with an acoustic song Live from Shoe Tree Brewery.


This episode is all about International Punk Rock. No band played is from America. There are some serious gems in here.


A special Just Punk Enough Halloween episode. Some songs just have to be Physchobilly. But most songs are punk rock for sure.This episode is all about International Punk Rock. No band played is from America. There are some serious gems in here.


Random punk rock songs you need to hear.


This episode is all about Johnny Ramone because it was just his birthday. Enjoy.


In this episode I play bands that played Punk Rocktober Fest 2018.


In this episode I play nothing but punk rock cover songs. Enjoy.


Episode 2 of Just Punk Enough. Lots of Vinyl in the first hour fo this one.


The very first episode of Just Punk Enough.